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BadPoochiez Boarding  Services
BadPoochiez Boarding  Services
BadPoochiez Boarding  Services
BadPoochiez Boarding  Services
BadPoochiez Boarding  Services
BadPoochiez Boarding  Services
BadPoochiez Boarding  Services
BadPoochiez Boarding  Services
BadPoochiez Boarding  Services
BadPoochiez Boarding  Services

BadPoochiez Boarding Services

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How To Book:

At the Cart/checkout, LOOK FOR "EDIT" to increase the Quantity button equal to the number of Boarding days needed.


you can add each day to your cart individually.

Call or Text! 401-545-1170 to check availability or questions

  • Cost is Per dog/per night 24 hour stay at sitters home

Activities and supplies provided:

  • Playtime outside for 3-5 hours a day or more!
  • Socialize with other friendly dogsĀ 
  • Large fully fenced Yard
  • Multiple indoor play areas
  • Designated Cage for Bed-time and Feedings
  • Designated Blankets/pillows
  • Designated bowls & leash

A day in the life:

Ā At BadPoochiez, we let each dog explore the most comfortable way to stay! Each event is tailored to their training level, obedience, and friendliness. The more they are trainedĀ  the happier they will be! During the first three days of your dog's booking, they will have a chaperone caretaker, escort them throughout the facility alone in order to prepare and asses their situation for when they are ready to jump in a pool of friends! Once the dogs are acclimated to their new environment, they will be teamed up with similar personality types of other guests and will be ableĀ to roam the house casually, and be let out whenever they desire just like home!šŸ”Ā  Other dogs that need more training and attention or can not co-mingle for a given reason will be given an allottedĀ  play time for all activities too!

Reservation in advance is required, and we are available at your convenience of overnight boarding services! We ensure your canine's needs are met at a luxury standard including special protein enriched meals, physical activity, administering medications, and personalized attention. Your pup will be treated as if they live in a royal palace whose safety and pleasure of utmost importance. "loyal dog Royal service"- BadPoochiez Llc.

Fun days, Comfortable Nights

Boarded dogs participate in games and socialization Monday-Sunday 8a.m-8p.m. They will have indoor and outdoor playtime 3-5 times a day! You can feel secure leaving your loved one with BadPoochiez because they will have a large fully enclosed yard for outdoor playtime as well as, a security system inside and outside playing areas. Bedtime and feedings are the only time they will need to be safely settled, with their bed and designated crate! Ā In some special cases, dogs are allowed to sleep out of the crate during the night to make them feel more at home. There is always someone available to check on them or keep them company.Ā 

The Owner

The owner Alicia Rios has extensive experience caring for dogs, having dedicated her home to her lifelong dream of spending time with them. She finds it fascinating to learn new information about dogs and the canine world each day. The facility is easily accessible to all of the play and living areas, with additional caregivers present throughout the day.

Ā Don't forget to also book a training session if you have not already!

Most of our canine customers are viewed as family members, and BadPoochiez provides training opportunities regardless of the age of the pup.


BadPoochiez Boarding Services requires all visitors to uphold a strict vaccination policy to protect your dog from disease, infection, and parasites. Our policy ensures that while your pet is present in our facility, they are less likely to be exposed to infections.